Lessons From Behind The Glass

Hockey Eastern Ontario Video Series

Hockey Eastern Ontario Lessons From Behind the Glass Teaser

Lesson 1 - "Don't force your passion, your child will find their own"

Lesson 2 - "Let go of the control you never had in the first place"

Lesson 3 - "Nothing in hockey is free, but it's the cost that teaches you the most!"

Lesson 4 - "Before you yell at your child for their performance on the ice, take a good look at your conduct in the stands"

Lesson 5 - "Play Through the Politics"

Lesson 6 - "Parents See Hockey Through a Different Set of Eyes"

Lesson 7 - "Raise a Good Person Who Likes to Play Hockey, Not Just a Good Hockey Player"

Lesson 8 - "Leave Your Baggage At Home"

Lesson 9 - "Your Dreams Shouldn't Cost Your Integrity"

Lesson 10 - "Enjoy the Ride. The Game Will Be Over Before You Know It"

Bonus Lesson - "The Story of the Major Peewee AA Kanata Blazers and the Good Deeds Cup"