Lessons From Behind The Glass



"An incredibly profound and witty portrayal of the harsh realities that come along with being involved in competitive organized sports and the trials and tribulations along the way. Had me laughing hysterically and holding back tears in the same chapter. Enough said."

- Andrew L

"Having experienced a journey of a hockey mom, and being my son's #1 fan, I was inspired by Allyson’s emotional intelligence articulated throughout Lessons from Behind the Glass.  This read will inspire any parent with a child, not only in hockey, but any organized sport."

- Patricia C

"Hockey books line the shelves of bookstores across Canada, mostly biographical accounts of our favourite and not so favourite stars. Lessons From Behind The Glass is not just another hockey book. It is hockey life from a mother's perspective, invisible yet present in every rink. The book can be read from both the inside out and the outside in. It's for hockey players and hockey families. For many, the pain and laughter will be their own. But it's also a book for anyone who has ever wondered how and why hockey families, especially hockey moms, actually go through with it.  With riotous humour and unrepentant honesty, Allyson Tufts shows us that life’s frustrations and anxieties are always tempered with friendship, love, and joy."

- Steven T

"Hockey parents of all levels of all players must read Lessons From Behind The Glass. Through the eyes of a hockey mom and the growth of a boy from minor hockey to the draft, honest emotions and offbeat humour are sure to summon memories of your own hockey journey and prepare you for the wonderful and absurd events that revolve around our beloved sport."

- David Lowry

“As both a parent of a child playing hockey and someone who works in the industry, I very much enjoyed Lessons From Behind the Glass. Allyson's experiences in the rink reflect that of thousands of families each winter and the emotional roller coaster that hockey brings is perfectly shared.  Plus, the overall tone of her storytelling makes for a very enjoyable read.  All of us with kids that invest so much in hockey, will learn something from Allyson's lessons throughout the years.”

- Darryl Hughes, Marketing Director at Bauer Hockey

"A wonderful reveal of family and sports; a great read for moms, dads, kids, coaches and anyone involved in competitive sports. Many warm, funny and insightful stories that we can all relate to!"

- Marty Lowry

"Allyson’s humorous and witty style helps us to grasp the lessons and harsh realities of real life situations, while taking us on a roller coaster ride of emotions through her life as a hockey mom."

- Sharon T.

"A very honest and relatable portrayal of how parents and coaches are called out on their behavior.  This book applies not only to goalies and goalie parents, but all parents that have children in any level of sport.  The lessons are surely ones to live by. A highly recommended read!"

- Erin Woods

"No truer words are spoken or raw emotion are shown by a mother toward her son's journey from a young child to late teens in the world of competitive hockey. hockey parents everywhere will see themselves through the eyes of this author and will hope that by Her outspoken opinions of what needs to change they will see positive changes for everyone involved in a sport we are so proud of as Canadians. This book was funny, interesting, enlightening and sometimes left me in an "ugly cry." I would definitely recommend it to all hockey moms and dads, and anyone who has been impacted by the world of organized sports."

- Anne Kossey

"A great read! A story that captivates every audience filled with elements of laughter, surprise and lessons for all. This story speaks from the heart and truly portrays what family is really all about!"

- Angela Robinson